Koopower’s Giving Back Activity

Remember our giving back activity earlier?

Complete two small tasks and in return you can get 1 set of pretty string lights & a chance to draw either of the following grand prizes:
£ 100 Amazon gift card;
£ 200 Koopower website gift card.

Now, the list of the grand prize winners is here. Not winning this time? Don’t lose heart cause there will be more upcoming campaigns for all of you. Follow us and stay tuned!


Closing date: August 10, 2021 ENDED

Complete 2 small tasks and in return, you will receive 1 set of pretty string lights & get a chance to win our grand prize

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the following two small tasks:

Carefully fill out a questionnaire>>> Survey of Consumers’ Media Contact Habits

We will gift you a beautiful set of Koopower string lights and a chance to win our grand prize.

There will be 5 grand prize winners who can choose either of the following prizes:

1: £ 100 Amazon eGift Card;

2: £ 200 Koopower website eGift Card.

After the closing date, we will announce the list of winners and arrange gift deliveries. To get the notification in time, please be sure to leave your email and shipping address at the end of the survey.