Lost Your Remote Control of KooPower String Lights or Candle Lights?

It’s annoying if you lost your remote of KooPower fairy lights after a few months, please do not worry, we got four solutions for you!

  1. If you purchased more than one KooPower remote controlled fairy lights, you can use any remote of them to control other KooPower fairy lights.
  2. Switch control modes, try to press on/off manually via built-in button.
  3. Get a remote for FREE if your lights are under warranty period. (Vote the poll below)
  4. Get a chance to try our new Bluetooth fairy lights for FREE! At KooPower, listening to and applying feedback is a critical part of what we do. The criticism and praise we receive from our fans goes straight back to our product developers to deliver exciting new improvements. We are proud to launch KooPower Bluetooth fairy lights system! It allow you control multiple KooPower bluetooth fairy lights at the same time via an App, you also can share the control permission to your family.
Do you want get a chance to win a KooPower Bluetooth Fairy Lights?
  • Yes, I would like to get a chance to test new bluetooth fairy lights
  • No, I have other KooPower remote in hand
  • No, I would like to get a remote for FREE
  • No, I will control my lights via built-in button

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